We encourage all guests to review our COVID-19 Guest Safety information before visiting our facility.

Covid-19 Guest Safety Standards

For the safety of our staff and guests, if you have a fever or any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, you will not be allowed inside the facility.

If you have been exposed to anyone who has been confirmed positive for or suspected of having COVID-19 within the last 14 days, for the safety of staff and guests, please do not enter the facility.

If you have had COVID-19 and recovered, you must be a symptom and fever free without the use of medication for a 472 hours.

All guests must sanitize their hands before entering the building and are encouraged to sanitize and wash their hands throughout their visit.

For the safety of our guests and staff, everyone who enters should wear a face mask unless otherwise instructed by state and local city ordinances.

All guests and staff are recommended to stay at least 6 feet apart follow social distancing guidelines.

In addition to washing your hands and sanitizing often, remember to avoid touching your face at all times.

Well we welcome your families to celebrate together, we recommend groups no larger than 10 or is otherwise instructed by state and local guidelines.

Remember to sanitize your hands after putting on skates, after playing arcade games, returning to your skate meets or touching any surface that other individuals may have touched.

All guests must wear above-the-ankle socks when wearing rollerskates.

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